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I will be putting these comments into an order from least helpful to most helpful.

  1. I think that 1 is the worst, because Penny is using slang word and bad punctuation.2.

2. I don’t think that 6 is the best comment either, because in that pease of text it is using slang words, bad punctuation, saying something harmful towards her sister and she isn’t using her friends full name and she might not like that

3. Number 4 is also not that helpful, because Sally is using slang words, and she didn’t give her name a capital letter at the start of her name, didn’t start with dear, Sally also didn’t spell words right and she didn’t do another paragraph for a new convocation.

4. Number 7 is kind of helpful in a way its not at the same time, because they didn’t start with dear neither did they they mention the person that they commenting to but they did say something positive about that persons post.

5. 3, 5 and 8 I think are all equal the same, because they all mention a topic and stick with is, they have good punctuation, they start with dear and end with from.

6. Personally i think 2 is the most helpful as it has two paragraphs both different topics, starts with dear ends with from, talks about polite things, mentions the person they are writing too and they are using great punctuation and manners.

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