⚽️Lockdown summary⚽️

As you are probably awe this holidays before school start for us Adelaide went into lockdown for 7 days. So this is how my lockdown went.

My lockdown was really fun and exiting actually I to be honest I was really happy we went into lockdown. (For me but maybe not for others.) I had to do online school for 4 days and I had 2 days to myself. In school we had our normal schedule that we had to go by but different for each day. And on the weekends I would go outside get some fresh air, talk to my friends, go on the trampoline, go on walks, do some soccer and of course watch some Netflix shows and Disney+ shows. My high light of this lockdown was probably being more close to me family bc we don’t have our normal soccer schedule, and sometimes we would watch funny movies or shows together and play boardgames. (I would always win well most of the times.)

That was my 7 day lockdown summary overall i really enjoyed it but online school kind of hurt my eyes a little bit so I give it a 8/10. I hope you have enjoyed your lockdown to! (If you were in lockdown.)

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