⚽️Writing challenge using causal and temporal connectives⚽️

The House by the Pontoon:

By Rocca

One snowy night when the Bridgets had taken a flight from Australia to Antarctica (and yes you can go for a holiday in Antarctica). When they landed in Antarctica they noticed there was a blizzard that just had taken place just after they got thier luggage. “Darn it we have to sleep here unless the blizzard stops, but I doubt that would ever happen.” Said Bridget number 1.

After one blizzard later the Bridgets finally got to get to there private villa. “Ah were here at last!” Said Bridget number 2 (By the way there are 4 Bridgets) When they got all settled into there new villa they started to fight over the bedrooms. “DIBS THIS BEDROOM!” “NO THATS MINE BRIDGET NUMBER 3!” “BACK OFF BRIDGETS THIS ROOM IS MINE!” “STOP STOP STOP MY HAIR MY HAIR MY HAIR OW OW OW OW!” Said the Bridgets. All of a sudden some words popped up on the beds saying there names. “Mmmmmm how mysterious?” Said Bridget number 4. “HAHA I got the big bedroom!” Said Bridget number 1. “No I do!” “Nah.” “Yeah.” “Nah.” “Yeah.” “NAH!” “YEAH!” “Enough stop fighting the bedrooms have changed they are all the same size its like they are all… Identical.” Said Bridget number 2.

“Ok so let me get this straight we are in a magical right now!?” “Yes but its fine it only did that maybe, because we couldn’t make up our minds, so they did it for us.” After that discussion Bridget number 4 went for a walk with Bridget number 3. They came across something very very fishy…

To be continued… 

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